Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Signs of Spring

Not only are all the buds bursting on the trees and bushes; we have also been really enjoying this beautiful spring weather. Sunday night was Music Sunday (a night when lots of musician friends come over to play and share music and food) and we had our first campfire of the year. On Monday we planted new grass seed in teh bare spots in our yard and bought new sand for the sandbox. The kids couldn't understand why we couldn't run through the sprinkler?! I guess we could've--it was almost 80 degrees. This has been great year to be home for spring break!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Brian's birthday

We finally celebrated Brian's 28th birthday last weekend. He wanted to do the cooking, so he and my mom went through a cookbook and decided on an Asian theme. We made pot stickers, rice noodles with spicy vegetables, stir fry and won tons. As a special treat Aunt Nancy, Uncle Al, and Sam were here. Also, Dallas and Bethany joined us. It was a really fun time we spent cooking and tasting and to top it off I made a carrot cake and a chocolate cake with coffee frosting. It was one of those nights that you remember always.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

spring break

Brian is home on Spring Break this week. While it would be really nice if we had the same week off, it's almost like getting an extra week off because everything feels less structured here. It helps that the weather is unseasonably warm and we can play outside. He and I took a nice walk in Battle Ground today just before the rain came. I still have another full week of school, including parent-teacher conferences until my Spring Break. I am looking forward to some house projects and planning out our garden.

Mary went to see the alternative medicine doctor yesterday and he suggested cutting cow's milk from her diet. He says cheese and yogurt are okay, but not milk. Something about 95% of people with chronic ear trouble can fix it by eliminating cow's milk. So, we will give it a shot!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Mary update

She is doing better, but not well yet. Doc says treat it like a virus--sleep, fluids, etc. and wait it out this time. We are going back in for ear tube replacement. She has had fluid in her ear every month since October, so now it is time to put a new tube in. That will likely be in April or May. Today is Brian's b-day and he has been gone all day. So, we celebrated with cherry pie (his request) for breakfast (my request). Mmmm.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Sick day

I have to admit, starting my day at 4 am wasn't quite what I had in mind today, but here it is already 9:15 and I have been to school to write substitute lesson plans, given Elijah a bath, driven Brian to campus, dropped Elijah at daycare and made Mary an appointment with her pediatrician. I started thinking as I was driving to school at 5:45 this morning that I feel lazy. There are lots of people up and around at that time. I was already finished at school and on my way home before I normally even get up in the morning. I feel like it should be noon right now. We'll see how I am feeling at 11:00 tonight.

Mary is sick. Again. I will be glad when she outgrows this. Everyone tells me she will. I hope they are right. She has been off antibiotic for oh, I don't know... less than a week. Her fever is around 103 and she is so congested. I feel so bad for her.

I am thankful that her doctor has an opening this morning. She is a fabulous doctor who spends lots of time with each patient, but she gets so behind schedule. Last time we waited for an hour and a half to see her.