Thursday, July 19, 2012

She is my wild eyed, wild haired girl who has lots to say about life.  The other day she came up with this:

(While a Disney movie is getting ready to start and the signature Cinderella castle is coming on the screen)

In a distressed voice, "Mom, I do not want to go to Disney World." pause. 

(I am thinking, "Great!  We don't have plans to do that any time soon; glad we're on the same page.")

Me:  "Why?"

Emily:  "Because that is where all your dreams come true.  And I have some really scary dreams."

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

new diapers and see how our garden grows

 I am pretty excited at the thought of using cloth diapers again.  We have plenty now that just came in the mail.  I can probably wash every other day.  Woo!  Who's excited about poop?
 It has been ridiculous hot.  And dry.  We think one of the problems with our garden last year was not watering enough.  So this year we bought a tripod sprinkler and keep it hooked up to the water by the garden.  We water daily, so hopefully soon we will be reaping a harvest.  The sunflowers are beautiful, but also served the purpose of shading the lettuce and sugar snap peas.  The kids have been fantastically helpful at weeding this summer.  We try to tackle a little bit each day and keep it from getting out of control. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A few more baby pics

Seth has been a real joy to our family.  Having an infant with much older siblings is such a different experience!  The kids are super helpful.  Mary LOVES helping out with him and is my number one girl.  He has been fussy the past few days, but otherwise he is a pretty easygoing baby.