Monday, August 28, 2006

Buzz Lightyear Birthday Bash

The birthday party was a success! Between family and friends we had almost 30 people in our house. Elijah had a really fun time!! Some of his presents were: a Woody to go with Buzz, a remote control Buzz Lightyear car, new soccer equipment,a Buzz Lightyear spaceship, an easel, and Superman sheets, books, clothes, dinosaurs, and a power tool.

Friday, August 25, 2006

life in the fast lane

So, I finished my first full week of school. I can't decide if I am tired, exhilirated, or both. My class is amazing! I love these kids already. I can't remember a year feeling like I connected as well with so many of the kids and their families. On the flip side, there is always a lot of stress surrounding the first week of school. Almost half of our teaching staff is new this year, we are adding more sections of kindergarten next week and its been my job as the new "queen of kindergarten" to run around insane trying to make sure everyone is acclamating, finish testing the 40 kids whose parents decided not to bring them to kindergarten screening the week before school, and now figure out which kids are going to get moved from AM to PM. Two weeks ago I wasn't even out of my jammies by 9 am and then it was straight to swim suit. Now I am super "career mom," seeing my kids between 5-8 pm. I think I am shifting gears pretty quickly!

Stay tuned for scenes from Elijah's Buzz Lightyear Birthday Bash. Coming this Sunday.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A few more vaction pics...

A few more vacation pics thanks to Bob-O. This is the gang (minus my mom and dad) on our last day.

Here's the loot from the fishing trip. Over 100 lbs. of Lake Michigan salmon and trout. Brian and Everette cooked it for us on our last night. Yum!!

This was a night we went out to the state park to watch the sunset. We were actually a few minutes too late, but we got to see a pretty moon rising instead.

Here we are sailing on my parents' boat, FLYER.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Well, here goes...

It's our first web log! I am finally getting in the game and posting updates to our family and friends. My first attempt will be to add a few vacation pictures. We had a wonderful week at Lake Michigan with our family. We stayed in a house next door to the marina where my parents' sailboat is docked. We went sailing, fishing, swimming, and had an amazing visit!