Sunday, December 30, 2012

A update for the end of the year

 Emily turned five and is really into horses-this was her birthday cake this year
 Mary shows off her cheer medals.  She cheered for football this fall-she found her calling!
 We ran our first family 5K on Thanksgiving.  Our whole crew of 20+ people ran/walked together. 
 Playing in the snow at Christmas in Cleveland
 Seth is 6 months now, starting to eat some solid foods.  He looks just like the other Greene babies.  Its been a big year for us!  I am staying home and watching some kids.  Life is good!  Enjoying my family, and my more relaxed pace of life.  Starting to really miss not having internet...

Thursday, July 19, 2012

She is my wild eyed, wild haired girl who has lots to say about life.  The other day she came up with this:

(While a Disney movie is getting ready to start and the signature Cinderella castle is coming on the screen)

In a distressed voice, "Mom, I do not want to go to Disney World." pause. 

(I am thinking, "Great!  We don't have plans to do that any time soon; glad we're on the same page.")

Me:  "Why?"

Emily:  "Because that is where all your dreams come true.  And I have some really scary dreams."

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

new diapers and see how our garden grows

 I am pretty excited at the thought of using cloth diapers again.  We have plenty now that just came in the mail.  I can probably wash every other day.  Woo!  Who's excited about poop?
 It has been ridiculous hot.  And dry.  We think one of the problems with our garden last year was not watering enough.  So this year we bought a tripod sprinkler and keep it hooked up to the water by the garden.  We water daily, so hopefully soon we will be reaping a harvest.  The sunflowers are beautiful, but also served the purpose of shading the lettuce and sugar snap peas.  The kids have been fantastically helpful at weeding this summer.  We try to tackle a little bit each day and keep it from getting out of control. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A few more baby pics

Seth has been a real joy to our family.  Having an infant with much older siblings is such a different experience!  The kids are super helpful.  Mary LOVES helping out with him and is my number one girl.  He has been fussy the past few days, but otherwise he is a pretty easygoing baby. 

Friday, June 22, 2012

This is the beautiful diaper changing table that Brian made me for mothers day.  It was a piece of furniture that was in our summer kitchen, painted that old fashioned lime green and covered in spider webs.  He sanded it, removed the doors and stained it.  It's walnut, possibly even from the walnut trees at our property. 
Here we are at Prom 2012.  Not our first, probably not the last either.  Definitely the only one pregnant.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Welcome to the world, Seth Seraphim

Baby Seth came into the world at 7:53 yesterday morning.  He is the only baby that I actually went into labor with.  Tuesday night I was having contractions that were longer, stronger, and closer together.  At midnight we packed bags and kids and drove to town.  They admitted me right away with contractions only minutes apart, but I didn't dilate.  So, they gave me some medicine for pain and I was able to wait for my own doctor to do the surgery first thing in the morning. Surgery went fine, no complications.  I definitely felt the best I can remember of the 4 times I've now done this. 

He is also our biggest baby: 9 lb. 12 oz. He came out asking for meat and potatoes.  I am currently still on vacation at chez IU Hospital, feeling great, sleeping pretty great, visiting with friends, enjoying some time with him one-on-one right now. My meals come to me, I don't wash the dishes. If I want to take a nap, I just take it.  I might not go home.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

No baby yet, but that is okay.  I am currently using him as a shelf for the laptop as it leans up against the steering wheel of the van.  I am blogging from the high school parking lot while Elijah has basketball camp and the girls play on the playground.

It has been an eventful 4 weeks with lots of ups and downs.  School is out, that was definitely an up.  The first week off I thought I was in heaven.  I slept great, I took naps, and I felt like a human again.  We got the garden in shape and worked on the flower beds around the house.  It was wonderful.  Of course, it couldn't last.
 Mary came home from Memorial Day weekend at my parents' boat and got this nasty cold.  It seemed to last a long time--like 10 days.  Literally the day she turned the corner Elijah (the kid who never gets sick!) started complaining that he was cold, his body ached, yadda, yadda, yadda (sidenote:  just watched that Seinfeld the other night, seemed appropriate here).  So, he ended up missing baseball camp and his first "away from parents for 3 days without a family member" 4-H camp.  Disappointment does not seem to capture the essence of how he felt about that.  He is still not quite 100% better yet. Playing basketball for an hour wipes him out for the day.

So, guess who has it now?  I am trying so hard to balance rest and getting better with not losing my last week before the baby comes.  I am trying to not be frustrated that someone in our house has been sick for the past month.  I am trying to not be afraid that I will go into surgery and still not be better yet.  I am trying to seek God and what His purpose is for us through all of this.

We are currently down to one chick and no hens.  It is a long story, but the gist is that we had a raccoon that killed all of them.  Brian killed the raccoon the other night.  We will start over after our vacation and not feel too disappointed.  It's just the way it goes sometimes.  The hardest part is buying eggs at the grocery store.

On the upside, the laundry is caught up, the house has been relatively clean, the baby clothes are washed and ready to go.  I just need to find the cloth diapers (didn't think we'd need them again, so who knows where they could be!!), wash the car seat, and get the crib ready.  I just vacuumed the van today, so maybe the hospital nurse will not be disgusted and will let us take the baby home.

I am out of time to get pictures off my phone (should have done that at home before hand), so maybe I will have photos to share soon.  For sure when I am at the hospital I will have some time to get things updated so stay tuned...

Saturday, May 12, 2012

We are finishing up the school year--yikes!  How did that happen?  The kids only have 9 more days of school and I've got 13.  The end of the year always brings lots of activity and general busyness.  This is one of the times of year that being a 2 teacher family is tricky.  Brian made a wise choice for our family this year and put his foot down on baseball/softball.  I was so sad because I love it, but he was right.  I generally end up horizontal after 5 pm.  We have enough to deal with our yard, school work (all 4 of us) and Brian's new woodworking hobby.  He has been making tables-- no pics yet, but they are amazing!! Using found materials from our barn, he has made some beautiful creations.  I will try to post pictures soon. 

I have about 5 weeks to go in my pregnancy and am daily being humbled by my need for help from others.  I just can't do the things I am used to.  I mostly feel ok, but the biggest trouble is that on days I feel good I tend to overdo it and end up feeling bad for two days after.  My garden is calling me, but there just isn't much I can do there right now.  We do have most of our cool weather veggies planted and some almost ready.  We've got lettuce, sugar snap peas, onions, swiss chard, potatoes, and flowers.  Soon we need to get phase 2 going.  We got our chickens fenced so I am hoping that we will have better luck with several things things this year. 

Brian and I went to prom a few weeks ago as chaperones and we got our picture taken--which I forgot to bring with me here to post so I will try to get it updated soon.  It was actually really fun--I just had to get over the fact that the only dress that fit was red and I was trying not to draw attention to myself.  I am definitely getting to the point that I draw attention even when I am not wearing bright colors!! 

Happy Mothers Day to all you moms out there!  I am certainly thankful for my kiddos and the joy that they bring.  I am starting to think about them more and more as "real people" and not just my children.  I've been thinking a lot lately about training and what kind of people they will be as adults.  I am in a new position right now to me with children in a decade span of time as we prepare for our new baby we are also entering the world of school aged issues. 

Monday, March 26, 2012

Random Ramblings

Brian says I am more of an extrovert than I claim to be, and maybe he is right since today is my first day of being home on spring break with only a 4 year old to talk with, and here I am at McDonalds for free wifi and connection with the outside world.

Last week was Brian and the kids' spring break. While we didn't do anything big, there was plenty of fun to be had including Elijah shooting guns with his dad at a friend's shooting range, days with both sets of grandparents and a trip to Indianapolis. We went to the Children's Museum and out to lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe.

Honestly we went to Indy because there was a small concern about baby's heart and I needed to see a cardiologist. We didn't really tell people because we were pretty sure that it wouldn't amount to anything and didn't want to cause unnecessary worry. Thankfully, we were right. Mary was born with a small hole in her heart that wasn't detected until after she was born, and it closed on its own. Everything was fine with this baby too, as we suspected, and we were in and out quickly and had almost the whole day to play in Indy.

So my spring break will be at home this week with Emily, fairly quiet and restful. I have a few outings planned, but otherwise I think I will work at the house. I am anxious to get the garden going and we will need to get some new baby chicks. We've already had our first round this spring, but they are gone already. Such is the circle of life when you live close to the earth. Both girls have held dead chicks in their hands in the last few weeks. We cooked 6 of our original 10 when it got unexpectedly warm and we didn't get home until late. The remaining 4 made it to the coop last week, but the kittens got them. So, Brian's next job is to be working on a chicken fence. Our mature hens are laying every day now and Emily loves collecting eggs. Her favorites are the blue ones. She will report, "Good news! There were ____ blue ones today!" Right now we are getting enough to buy an extra dozen per week from the store, but we'd love to be able to be fully self-sufficient and even sell or give some away each week. It's awfully fun keeping them.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Signs of Spring

We are just LOVING all this warm weather. It has been in the 80's for the last week and our yard has just exploded. Trees are in bloom, flowers are growing, we have been sleeping with the windows open every night.
Brian cut a hole in the side of our garden shed to put in a window. We are hoping to use it more as a potting shed, right now it is a small dumping ground for garden tools, hoses, etc.
Elijah worked on the huge mound of straw. We moved several loads to the garden.

Here I am at 25 weeks!

Friday, March 09, 2012

Adventures at Turkey Run State Park

Mary practices her balance crossing a fallen tree
We ended up on a trail that we didn't intend to be on--there was a running river. But the alternative was hike back where we started from (at least an hour), so we decided to forge ahead. It did end up being the most fun and adventurous part of the trip.

All smiles at the end of the trail!