Saturday, May 12, 2012

We are finishing up the school year--yikes!  How did that happen?  The kids only have 9 more days of school and I've got 13.  The end of the year always brings lots of activity and general busyness.  This is one of the times of year that being a 2 teacher family is tricky.  Brian made a wise choice for our family this year and put his foot down on baseball/softball.  I was so sad because I love it, but he was right.  I generally end up horizontal after 5 pm.  We have enough to deal with our yard, school work (all 4 of us) and Brian's new woodworking hobby.  He has been making tables-- no pics yet, but they are amazing!! Using found materials from our barn, he has made some beautiful creations.  I will try to post pictures soon. 

I have about 5 weeks to go in my pregnancy and am daily being humbled by my need for help from others.  I just can't do the things I am used to.  I mostly feel ok, but the biggest trouble is that on days I feel good I tend to overdo it and end up feeling bad for two days after.  My garden is calling me, but there just isn't much I can do there right now.  We do have most of our cool weather veggies planted and some almost ready.  We've got lettuce, sugar snap peas, onions, swiss chard, potatoes, and flowers.  Soon we need to get phase 2 going.  We got our chickens fenced so I am hoping that we will have better luck with several things things this year. 

Brian and I went to prom a few weeks ago as chaperones and we got our picture taken--which I forgot to bring with me here to post so I will try to get it updated soon.  It was actually really fun--I just had to get over the fact that the only dress that fit was red and I was trying not to draw attention to myself.  I am definitely getting to the point that I draw attention even when I am not wearing bright colors!! 

Happy Mothers Day to all you moms out there!  I am certainly thankful for my kiddos and the joy that they bring.  I am starting to think about them more and more as "real people" and not just my children.  I've been thinking a lot lately about training and what kind of people they will be as adults.  I am in a new position right now to me with children in a decade span of time as we prepare for our new baby we are also entering the world of school aged issues.