Monday, October 25, 2010

Fall Festivities

It just wouldn't work out this year to go to a real pumpkin patch to get our pumpkins straight from the vine, so we went to the church parking lot pumpkin patch down the street from our house. Elijah had just gotten his allowance and wanted to spend $1 of it to buy his own teeny pumpkin. It has a speech bubble on the side saying "hi!" Mary wanted hers to have both eyelashes and a mustache/beard, so try to figure that one out.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

b n

My other two kids are cute and wonderful too, I promise. But this is another thing I want to remember about Emily (you know, she's the third child so this is essentially her baby book!). When I finish reading her a story, she'll turn the last page and say, "BN."

If you don't get it, say it out loud.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

lots of lessons

Our family decided to go low-carb last month to support our loving daddy who is trying very hard to shed some pounds. Little did we know how good it would be for all of us. I, who loves any goods baked, swore that I could never go more than one meal without bread or grains or chocolate chip cookies. What we've been finding out is that once you stop eating bread and sugar, your body doesn't really crave it all that much. I thought we ate pretty healthy--lots of veggies, whole wheat bread, etc., but since we cut out sugar I think I became aware of how often we were "treating" ourselves to dessert or snacks. I find it really interesting how my body feels when it's hungry now. There is no gnawing sense that

I think the most amazing transition has been in the kids. Elijah and Mary have both lost between 5-10 lbs. and their eating habits have been transformed. For one thing, they eat a lot less food. Next, they don't beg for snacks all the time. And there is no more over-eating. They are doing a much better job of monitoring what they're putting into their bodies and they look great!! When we went swimming last week, Mary's swimsuit that she wore all summer was hanging on her--it was way too big!

I really thought low-carb meant all-bacon-all-the-time (and how can that be healthy?), but this plan is a lot of veggies, lean protein, and some fruit. We've been actually enjoying it. The biggest surprise so far has been the creamy cauliflower leek soup that was dee-lish. Cauliflower is now one of our favorite side dishes. Mmm...steamed cauliflower...I can hear you salivating! :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

One about Emily

I really should be washing dishes right now, but I always forget to post when I am thinking of something. Tonight was one of those nights that Emily was being so cute and funny--she just cracked me up. She has got this amazing imagination and is always pretending to be a dog (it's really the only way I can get her hair washed, "C'mon puppy, let's wash your fur") or she is talking to her babies who have funny names like the one tonight on the way to the store--dumpy. I have no idea how she comes up with these things. The elephant (what elephant, Emily?) was named Squeaky.

On the way home this strange thing happened to us right off of Union St.--a pretty busy street right in town. It was dusk and I saw this huge bird swoop down. (Yes, I am turning into my mom--"Look, a hawk!") It was actually an owl. A big one. Emily already has a fascination with owls so I turned around really quick and went back for a closer look. It was only there for a few more seconds, but it totally scared some unsuspecting pedestrian walking down the sidewalk as it flew back up to a tree. All the way home Emily was telling me, "Shh. Don't wake the owls." or "Hurry mom, the owls will take our van." Which maybe sounds like she is afraid of them, but I don't think that's the case. It's more like amazement.

I absolutely love getting caught up in her imaginary world.