Tuesday, January 29, 2013

belated Christmas photos

We did actually leave our house this year for the holidays.  I traveled with the kids and my parents to Michigan the weekend before Christmas, we spent Christmas day at Brian's grandma's house, and then drove to Cleveland after Christmas to visit his family.  We had a wonderful time and enjoyed seeing all of our family. 

One about Seth

 At Christmas pre hair cut. 
 Growing up in January.  Sitting up and playing every day. 
 Gaining some weight now and starting to look a little more round in the face.  He has been under weight and it was a source of stress around the holidays, but now that he is eating solids and taking a supplemental formula bottle daily, things are just fine.  He is sleeping through the night now too, so things are all good.  He is 7 months now--time is flying by!  Trying to enjoy each day for what it is.