Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Do I have wrong expectations?

I feel like life just continues to get hard. I thought we were pulling it together. Brian is finally over his sickness, we have battled round 2 of Head lice (my turn this time), and I have been sleeping almost through the night for 5 nights in a row. We totally rearranged the schedule for tomorrow because of Halloween (which we don't celebrate, so no preschool for Elijah) and got everyone taken care of. Then...after dinner (which she didn't even eat) Mary projectile vomits all over the dining room floor. Elijah's comment was, "I can't believe so much throw up could come out of a little girl."

So, tomorrow is screwed. She can't go to daycare. It is going to be very hard for me to stay home. Our school does huge Halloween everything. I just can't stand the thought of a substitute putting on 22 costumes of kids she doesn't know, how wound up my students will be, the wonderful room mothers who prepared snacks to bring in, but will need direction, and then there is the parade around the school into each classroom. Oh, and did I mention I am getting a new student starting tomorrow? WHY???????!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

I love you, fall break!

This has been the most relaxed I have been in months. I have slept through the night (with only 1 wake up to go to the bathroom--that is "all night" these days) for 3 nights in a row! I honestly think it is the first time since school started. I've been doing lots of shopping, organizing, napping, and playing with my kids. Huge bonus: they are still being nice to each other after 3 days of being home together. Maybe another record.

I went to our womens' small group this morning where we had some delicious egg casserole and discussion about prayer. We only meet once a month and don't meet during the summer, so it was nice to go and have some time with other women.

Everyone is napping right now so I think I will go join them.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Nesting...or "I just can't stand the filth any longer"

Today started my fall break. The kids were at Bible Study Fellowship for the morning and then Elijah spent the day with Gramma Susan, so I had a pretty open day for organizing! I started with the kids clothes. Their dressers have been busting at the seams, but they never have anything to wear. So, I cleaned out all the summer clothes and the too small clothes and the clothes they refuse to wear. Then I went to Target and Once Upon A Child to try to update their fall/winter wardrobes a bit. They had some cute baby furniture and things that I was actually thinking of buying at Once Upon A Child. I just don't have anywhere to put it.

I also cleaned the fish tank that is now empty of fish because I let them all die with my impeccable care. I am hoping to buy new fish tomorrow or Saturday once the tank gets regulated.

I've been trying to take care of Brian because he keeps getting sicker. Today he went to the doctor finally and got an antibiotic. Yay! He too is on Fall Break, but has a bunch of work to do for Purdue, so we probably won't see him once he is off the couch.

The other cleaning tasks I would like to finish include: taking some things to the attic to make room for baby items in our living space and cleaning out closets. It makes me feel so much calmer having things in order.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Fall...where are you?

We are trying to make the most of any proximity of fall we find. Today its in the mid 80's...and it's almost the end of October!!! So weird! It was pretty mild yesterday so we spent a lot of time outdoors which I have been missing terribly. I did much needed yard work, mostly pruning, but also planting bulbs for the first time since we've lived here. Elijah was selling them for a fundraiser at preschool. I hope they come up. Every spring I wish that we would have planted some the previous fall. It will be exciting to see them.

Yesterday afternoon we went to Happy Hollow park and walked around admiring the leaves, we brought some home to do leaf rubbings which was cool. Then we got some groceries and cooked hamburgers on our brand new grill. To finish the night we had a campfire in our yard and had dessert s'mores. A few friends came over after the kiddos went to bed.

Today I am getting baby things ready--washing the car seat and getting a few clothes and blankets washed so that I won't lie awake at night worrying what will happen if I go into labor.

Brian has gotten the sinus infection that I had, so he has been in bed all day! He said for the first time in his life was glad to be sick on the weekend...it's too hard to write sub plans and be gone. Hopefully he'll be feeling up to going to school tomorrow!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Bloominton and Carmel Apples

Saturday was a full day trip to All Saints Orthodox Church in Bloomington. Brian and Dallas played for their fall festival. Father Peter John Gillquist is the priest there and he is also a musician. He also happens to be the founder of the record label that they are going to be a part of as soon as their cd gets done. One of these days...

It was really fun to take a road trip with friends and no kids for a day. It was amazing to me how tired I was from doing nothing but sitting. Sitting in the van, sitting at the festival, more sitting in the van.

Today as I am trying to push on through the tired and do something fun with my family, the kids and I made carmel apples. It was a fun thing to try.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Sick day

I finally gave up. I stayed home from school today to try to get well. My doctor, who is the greatest, called me in a prescription for antibiotic this afternoon. I am feeling better already! ; )

Elijah and Mary went to a Chuck E Cheese birthday party this afternoon and the greatest part was that I didn't have to go. On Saturday Brian and I are heading down to Bloomington for a music festival that he and Dallas are going to play in. My mom is keeping the kids all day and even better... a friend asked today if we wanted free Feast of the Hunters Moon tickets for Saturday. So, my mom will take the kids while we are gone! We wanted them to go, but it is so expensive and you never know how long they will last.

So, you see. I cannot afford to be sick this weekend. I love you, amoxicillin!!

Monday, October 08, 2007

It must be Monday

I didn't think I was going to make it through the day. Why is that everything always happens at once? Today I was feeling so sick and really didn't want to go to work, but I just had too many things that needed to get done today to stay home. I took my class to see the Lafayette Frie Dept. Fire Safety show this morning at Jefferson High School and Elijah's preschool class was there too. I got to see him across the auditorium, but we didn't sit near each other. That was a weird thing to be at a function with my son, but not with him at all.

On another note. I have never really had contractions before and I am trying to figure out what they feel like (a.k.a Am I having them?). I am not a nervous person by nature, but I just realized the other day that I haven't prepared at all for labor since in my mind I am having a planned c-section. I figure since I gave up all hope of delivering a baby naturally, it would be the time my water breaks unexpectedly. Every doctor visit I have had has been totally uneventful this pregnancy--no questions, no problems... well tomorrow, let me tell you. It is going to be a different story. I feel like I am falling apart at the seams. Dr. Schafer is going to be getting an earful of symptoms.

I have 5 more weeks of work which sounds like no time and tons of time all at the same time!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Productive Saturday

I have to admit that I have not been feeling the greatest. I am starting to get nervous about finishing 7 more weeks of carrying this baby. Last night my mom took the kids overnight so we could have a night out (presumably to celebrate my 29th b-day which is Sunday). Guess what our plans entailed? Ordering Applebee's carryout and laying on our couches watching Freaks and Geeks. In case you are not familiar with that show, it was a one season tv show that aired in 1999 about high school kids. It has sort of a cult following and just came out on dvd. We were introduced to it by a teacher friend of Brian's who loaned us his box set. I lasted through about 2 episodes and then loaded up on icy hot patches for my back and legs and fell asleep.

So, I actually got good sleep last night and got up this morning ready to get some things done. Brian and I had a leisurely trip to the grocery store this morning. The laundry is almost caught up, the house is relatively clean, and I actually got to read a few chapters in my latest book and play with the kids--inside b/c it's about 90 degrees out there. I am not going outside. Thank goodness for central air.

I am enjoying the smells coming from the kitchen--Brian is making lasagna for me for my birthday dinner--fresh mozzarella and italian sausage included.