Monday, July 26, 2010

back from vacation picture overload

Bob and Susan watching the sunset on the beach
Aunt Nancy and Susan at the lighthouse
Emily sports her new SmallTown Heroes t-shirt and the cutest Keen sandals ever
Aunt Meg and Jonathan at the lighthouse
Late night fun on the dock
"CHEEEEEESE" on the lighthouse
My mom and me

My kids with cousin Sam at the top of a sand dune on the dune ride in Saugatuck
Catching fish in Lake Macatawa
Emily and Jonathan played trains out on the porch most days.

We had a fabulous time at Lake Michigan, as always. The weather was just right--upper 70's, low 80's during the day and 60's by night with the great lake breeze blowing most days. We had a little snag at the beginning of our trip. We were supposed to leave last Friday morning, but Mary woke up vomiting and had a fever. She had gone to the doctor on Wednesday for her 6 year check up and got vaccinations, so I thought her fever was from that. I took her back to the doctor first thing on Friday and found out she had strep throat! Brian graciously offered to stay with her for a day at home while I took the other kids and headed up to the vacation house.
He and Mary came up Saturday afternoon and she was back to her old self within a few days. The first few days she would get exhausted pretty easily and sleep for hours at a time, but I don't think she minded. We had lots of people in and out of the house this year, but in general we had around 15 people staying there. Some of our favorite things from this year's trip were:

THE BEACH!! Right outside our doorstep, walks to the lighthouse and the big sand dune, Lake Michigan beach. Lots of big waves this year for body surfing.

The Farmer's Market in Holland. Always fun for produce nerds like me. I got my 15 lbs. of blueberries in the freezer when I got home and made peach jam already too!

The Dune Ride. Brian and I have been three times now this summer and it is fun every time. We were talking about how fun it would be next summer to rent a cottage for the summer and he could drive the dune rides

Free Coffee Drinks in Holland. We were at the shoe store, talking about how we needed a coffee pick-me-up and some lady told us that the barista school down the block was giving away free drinks (not just brewed coffee--any coffee drink you wanted) for FREE. They made the most delicious coffee smoothies with coffee and ice cream.

The week wouldn't have been complete without a major storm over Lake Michigan and we got ours on the last night. My dad found out there were 100 mph winds. The thunder and lightning were right on top of us and the rain was pelting in sideways. I think the power went out around midnight and came back in the early morning hours. It's scary when you are right on the water with nothing to block the storm.

Hanging out with our family for a week. Man, it was so fun!! Nobody has a family like we do.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

because I am thinking in bullet points right now

  • Went bathing suit shopping today. Ugh. But it had to be done. The one I ordered from Land's End, about if I let Elijah sum it up: "Mom, I think it looked better on the person on the computer." O-kayyyy, that one is going back. The one I actually tried on at Target was better. And cheaper.

  • As I washed and pressed the kitchen curtains this week I decided that I am ready to paint again. I think I've finally had enough red kitchen.

  • Eating green beans, cukes, zucchini, banana peppers, and cherry tomatoes from the garden right now (well, not RIGHT now, but you get the idea)

  • Unhappy with the sleeping situation at my house right now. The problem: nobody is sleeping, but everyone is tired. Bedtime was 2.5 hours ago and no one is asleep yet. Trying to remain calm.

  • Excited about making more jam soon --peach and blueberry fo' shizzle and maybe raspberry

  • Hung curtains in the girls' room today; glad I saved them from when Elijah was little because they match that room nicely. Glad to have window treatments again. We'll see how long they last. Can't have nothin' nice with no kids around.

  • Been trying to get some balance back in my life by exercising daily again and I am sort of becoming one of those weird people that loves to run. But only on the treadmill and only with the iPod in my ears very LOUDLY. I already did it once today, but am contemplating doing it again tonight. Plus it's a good excuse to listen to the Avett Brothers. LOUDLY.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

New pictures, as promised

*These pictures all happened prior to Emily and I getting sea sick and throwing up all over my parents' boat. Sorry, mom and dad. Hope you had a fun 4th of July anyway!!

Sunday, July 04, 2010

More photos from our visit to the country

I think my kids joined a Warren County gang while we were there.
Elijah did drive the 4 wheeler. Despite the devilish look in his eye, he was very responsible. I'll admit, it took a little deep breathing on my part.
Emily, on the other hand, was not a good driver. She wrapped that Power Wheels around the first tree she came to. I guess we know which one will not be getting their drivers' license any time soon!
Her scalp was looking red, so I covered her up with our family's summer crest. Come back tomorrow for pictures of the same bandana looking a bit less hippie chic and a little more pirate-y.

Friday, July 02, 2010

Do you know where your dinner came from?

We do!! On our mini-vacation to our friends' house we caught catfish from their pond and the guys filleted it and we ate it blackened and fried. Mary caught the first fish--a small bluegill that had to be thrown back. She was awfully proud to get the first catch. She was using what became affectionately named "the fish slayer". It caught a good portion of the 7 catfish that we ended up with and it was a $10 Toy Story pole that we picked up at Target so she wouldn't be left out of the fun. Everyone caught something to contribute to the meal. That's the beauty of a stocked pond.

As this was happening Emily was very alarmed. I was explaining to her that we would cut the fish and cook it and she kept saying, "It's not for eating." Although, when it was on her plate she didn't seem to have any trouble. Hypocrite. ; )