Saturday, April 09, 2011

country life

our new garden space is about the size of our whole yard at the other house
Mary decided that over spring break she was going to learn how to ride her bike without training wheels--it took her about 2 minutes to figure it out

tilling the garden space

The big news at our house has been the addition of 19 new chickies. They currently live on our front sun porch under a heat lamp in a box. I have been reading up on such things as when to move them to their outdoor home and how to wring their necks when the time comes (that will be Brian's job). We don't really know how many pullets (girls) and cockerels (boys) we have yet, but the plan is to have as many laying hens as we can and we'll use the males for meat.

We've been enjoying watching the landscape change around us and discovering what things are growing as spring SLOWLY shows its face. I've been digging some of my perennials from the other house (no, it hasn't sold yet) and transplanting them. Many of them were gifts for my 30th birthday and they have special value to me. I did start the garden with about 200 onions, spinach, lettuce and sugar snap peas over my spring break. I also started some blueberry bushes, blackberry plants, and a cherry tree. There is so much I want to get going. I bought a crazy amount of seed packets--leeks, green onions, 4 varieties of lettuce, green beans, strawberries, and asparagus. Those are just the things to direct sow. We'll get our plants from Brian's school, where the horticulture teacher started our things in the greenhouse in February.