Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Blessed Nativity!

That's Orthodox speak for Merry Christmas!! We've been at home with our family enjoying a very laid back holiday. We spent the end of last week with my parents and my brother who was visiting from Florida with his girlfriend, Michelle. They graciously helped me make 30 graham cracker houses and wrap 30 gifts for my kindergartners. We celebrated Christmas with them on Friday. Saturday we spent the day at home, then Sunday and Monday we spent with the Greene's. It has been relaxing to not be running around, although I really miss seeing my family in Michigan for Christmas. Our gift highlights this year were XM satellite radio for Brian, cashmere for Michelle, and the kids had a pretty big year. Elijah got a digital camera and guitar. Mary got her own harmonicas and 2 princess dresses. They also got sleeping bags from my parents and we have already used them every day. What fun! I only have a few pictures because I left my digital camera at my in-laws house, so we took most of our Christmas morning pics. with our 35 millimeter camera.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Since I sent out our blog address in our Christmas Letter

I thought maybe I should update it this month! We have been busy enjoying the Christmas hustle bustle and the quiet reflections as well. Mary and Elijah are so fun this year. They, like all kids, are excited about getting presents, but they are so aware of the fact that we are celebrating Jesus' birthday. I have to say, I know it isn't a popular idea, but I think it helps that Christmas at our house is not about Santa. Elijah has really matured this year. Last year it was really hard for him to understand when the other kids at daycare kept telling him about Santa and his parents kept insisting that Santa is pretend "and don't say anything to the other kids!" This year he has been able to enjoy things like Rudolph for what it is--pretend and keep his yapper shut about it to the other kids.

As this week comes to a close I will be so glad for a break from teaching. I have always loved being a teacher and many years have felt like, "Sure I'll take the break, but I don't really NEED it." This year--I need it. I will be so happy to hang out in my pjs and watch movies. We will be traveling to Cleveland, OH to see Brian's family over New Years', Brian and Dallas are recording their album (due in April), but other than that we are doin' a whole lot of nothin'!!!
Ooh, that reminds me. We haven't watched Charlie Brown Christmas yet this year.