Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It is amazing to me just how different my children are. Elijah is very literal about things. He has always been very pragmatic and historically does not really enjoy teasing, joking, or things that he knows are not true. Mary is a whole other story. She wants to believe in all things fantasy.

She and her friends have been gathering the danedlions that have gone to seed, calling them wishing flowers. She has a whole bunch of them in a glass of water in her room. Last night she whispered in my ear, "Mom, when will I get my DS (a small handheld game system) and my American Girl doll?"

One other funny thing she said yesterday on the way home in the van:

Mary: "Mom, our house doesn't have a chimney does it?"
Mom: "nope"
Mary: "If our house had a chimney we'd believe in Santa Claus, right?"

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I took Emily back to see the Orthopaedic doctor today and he says things look good! She had the splint removed and just has her fingers taped together now (which I've only had to rewrap five times since we've been home tonight!) We'll go back to see him one more time in 2 weeks but I think everything seems really routine. Her stitches still look pretty ugly and it bothers her to see them. She kept holding up her hand to my face to kiss it while we were in the doctor's office. I am a little nervous about her pulling them out because she does tend to pick at it.

I always think of these funny little things that happen in my daily life that I want to post about and if I were on facebook or twitter then I probably would. But here is one of them. Down our street where I walk the dog there is a home that looks like an elderly person lives in it. It used to have two of those stone goose statues on either side of the sidewalk entryway, usually with some red, white, and blue plastic flowers wrapped around their necks. They have recently been replaced with two buddha statues. Whaaat???

Friday, April 17, 2009

ER! (Subtitled: Mom of the Year)

It's almost hard to believe, this little story about our Wednesday evening. I was picking Elijah up from football practice at Jeff High School. I had brought the dog with me because it was just a quick trip. So we were leaving football practice and loading up into our van--Carter, Elijah and Mary in first. I was holding Emily in my arms as I got the others put in and then I pulled the door shut. Except that Emily's little hand was in the way of the door. I looked down and noticed that her fingers were closed in the door, so I immediately opened it. She still had not reacted, so I thought for a moment that maybe I hadn't actually gotten her. But by the time we got around to the other side of the van and I started to put her in her car seat, she was wailing and there was a lot of blood running down her hand. So now Mary is wailing too because it was a little frightening to see your baby sister with blood all over her and screaming. I also noticed that her fingers were not looking like quite the right angle so I made the quick decision to head to the ER. While en route I called Laura, my sister-in-law, who was at my house doing her taxes when I left. She met me at the hospital and drove the kids and dog back to my house and then to church where Brian was attending a service (we were supposed to be meeting him there after football) while I took Emily into the ER. Emmaroo very shortly thereafter got a local anesthetic because she was obviously in some pain. After a grueling two hours of x-rays, and holding a 25 lb. inconsolable toddler, we were ready to go home. She had two broken fingers and a bit of her hand. She also got several stitches (don't ask me how many, I couldn't watch!!) She was content by the time we left because she got some juice. She couldn't have anything the whole time we were there because there was a chance she was going to need anesthetic. She went to the hand surgeon on Thursday who told me that she is going to heal just fine without any major steps. She'll wear this splint for a week and then we go back to have it replaced for another week. Then I guess her little bones will be healed.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Everyone's doing it

It my new layout! Now that I know it is super easy to change, I can change it often!!