Wednesday, December 31, 2008

We're back

We had a wonderful Christmas! We've seen most of our family and spent lots of time relaxing, eating, and laughing together.

The girls got some really cute new clothes from Aunt Nancy. We spent 4 days in Cleveland. It was fun as usual.
We got Mary some new markers and easel paper which resurrected our easel from the basement. She also got a beading kit, and an EZ bake oven that she is way excited about!! She's sitting in her new glow in the dark camp chair that she is so excited about. She asked if we could have a campfire that day.
Elijah wanted a video game system for Christmas. Unfortunately for him, he has parents who won't spend $300 on a new system. We bought him some games for our N64 (I know, it's archaic right?) for a total of around $50.00 and he is happy as a lark. I know in a few years the peer pressure will be much harder to deal with, but for now he has no idea that our old system isn't cool. I am truly thankful that our kids are so happy with so little compared to others they know. I mean, Elijah was thrilled when he unwrapped new superman underwear. He just about went through the roof when he opened the Prince Caspian dvd.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Mary got a cute new dress for Christmas. I love Gymboree!!
Elijah loves wearing his new sport jacket. He chose it for his school winter program and church on Sunday.

Emily went to the doctor on Monday and she doesn't have an ear infection (yay!), but her teeth are coming in on the top and the doctor thinks that is what is causing her so much pain and crabbiness (boo!). I don't remember this with my other two kids. These teeth have been ready to come through for a month. We are increasing pain medication, but she is still super grouchy. We have bought a few gifts for the kids and family members. I feel my desire to have a clean and organized house reaching the max (well, at least my desire to do the work). I am ready to start the "being lazy, ahem...relaxed" portion of winter break.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Winter Break Day 1

Today Elijah spent the day with his Grandparents Greene since he was missing them so much lately. He used to spend one "special" day a week with Grandma Susan, but now that he is at school he doesn't see them nearly as often--or solo. Mary has strep throat again so we spent the evening caring for her. Also, I think Emily's ear may be bothering her. She's been tugging at it a bit and she was fussier than normal today--especially at bedtime. So, if it doesn't seem better tomorrow I will take her in on Monday to see the doctor.

I cleaned out the kids' closets and took 2 bags to Goodwill. I am dead set on doing some Christmas shopping in our attic this year. We have so many things that go un-played with; I just can't possibly think of more things we must have. I haven't bought anything yet.

We ended up having Christmas dinner with my mom and dad and the kids opened their gifts. Very simple; thank you mom and dad. A bit of clothes for the older two, a deck of cards for Mary, a how-to Juggling kit for Elijah, books for all. It was SUPER fun! We sat by the fire, watched cable, made cookies, put together puzzle ornaments, and listened to XM 36 Holiday Traditions while we ate dinner.

I like spending the first few days of break getting the house organized and cleaned so I can enjoy being in my home. Like so many others I know, I am starting to love my living room by the glow of white Christmas lights. I also am liking the artwork in there, the furniture arrangement, our new clock with a pendulum, and how clean the rug feels with our new vacuum cleaner.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

9 years and holding

Tomorrow is our anniversary! Today is my grandparents'--Happy 59th Grandma and Grandpa LaCombe! If you are doing the math you realize that the year we got married was my grandparents 50th anniversary. That is really special to me. Unfortunately we got married just a couple years before digital pictures were all the rage and we don't have a scanner so you won't be able to gawk at Brian's baby face and wonder," just how young were you guys?!" So what are we doing for our anniversary you wonder? Well, I will be making and filling 20 bags with Royal icing for my kindergarten students gingerbread house making on Friday and Brian will be writing finals for his high school students. Sounds romantic, huh?

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Elijah, Elijah, Pumpkin Eater

Elijah's school had a Independent Research Night (IRP) night last week, where the kindergarten classes had a living museum. The kids had to dress up as a Mother Goose character and recite their poem as people come through and press their "button" . Elijah chose Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater. We were awfully surprised when we googled this rhyme and found out it was about a man who chopped up this woman who wouldn't be his wife and stuck her in a pumkin. Eek. That Mother Goose, she's kind of morbid.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Do you think it is possible to change parts of your personality-- like how you react to certain situations? I am realizing lately how much I want to be a calm, steady person and not react emotionally to things. Two situations that happened yesterday:

1. I had a missed call from Elijah's school. All afternoon I worried and played out different scenarios in my mind about how he was in trouble, but then thought no, they would've left a message or called my work number. Turns out, his after school club got canceled.

2. After school (whilst I was picking up one son who didn't have science club) I got a call from my school. It was the secretary (who, by the way is about as calm and steady as they come) calling to ask me if I remembered how one of my students went home. He didn't get off the bus. So, I am now panicking. He, as it turned out, forgot to get off at his stop. But for that 15 minutes while I waited for her to call me back, I was again trying to talk myself down.

Two scenarios in a matter of 2 hours that had my heart racing. Can I operate differently?
I love it when Laura comes to our house and adds her pictures to our computer. This is one from earlier this fall when we took a trip to Dispennets orchard.

Man, I just keep getting worse at blogging regularly. Emily went for her 12 month visit this week and while I don't have her stats--they are on a slip of paper...somewhere... I do know that she weighed around 23 lbs. and that was the 75th percentile. Her height was 90th percentile and head was 50th. She got her 4 immunizations and did just fine.

The last two weeks have been a change from our regular routine. Emily's sitter, also known as our good friend, Annie (and her 2 girls) has been coming to our house every morning since they sold their house and are living with her mil until they close on their new house next week. It has been fabulous for a number of reasons. First of which is, Emily can sleep in her own bed and I don't have to get her up and ready in the mornings. Even more than that though; it has been motivating for Brian to help keep the house clean since he knows they are going to be here during the day. It has been so great--the dishes get done regularly, the floors stay swept, clutter is (mostly) put away.